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Content Marketing Secret – Cater To Current Customers

When we think about content marketing reaching out to obtain new contacts, potential customers may seem to be the goal most deserving of our efforts. It feels like that’s what we should be doing, and it makes sense. Part of our mission is to grow our business and improve our revenue stream. Fresh prospects must be the best use of our marketing time and money, or so it is commonly believed.

Capturing the imagination of individuals who may decide to be our clients is not without its rewards, but we risk ignoring an even more important group when we concentrate solely on this sector. Studies reveal that including a robust current customer component to an overall marketing plan is an even more fruitful way to enhance profits.

Cost Effective

Convincing individuals new to our business to give us a try costs considerably more than reminding our satisfied customers how well we meet their needs.

Retaining current customers, especially increasing that rate by as little as 5 percent, results in higher profits of 25 to nearly 95 percent, suggests recent research in the Harvard Business Review.

Loyal customers tend to return to us when they need services or products again and spend more per interaction.

Clarifies Budget

If our base is solid, we can predict income and expenses for our core business more easily. Especially for maintenance services or products, successful retention firms up anticipated cash flow.

Sharpens Focus

Concentrating a significant share of our content marketing on continuing to engage previous clients fosters communication that permits us to determine which services and products are most attractive to them. We also have an opportunity to enhance their experience and add options that better meet their needs.

For example, a customer hired SERVPRO to remediate smoke and soot damage, including HVAC cleaning, and had high praise for our services. We can now encourage routine maintenance of the heating and cooling system, including ductwork, in a home or business. Meeting the customer’s needs increases our revenue.

Effective Communication

Balancing the different ways to reach current clients finds us using a mix of email, social media, and fresh content. Because these customers are integrated into our system, there is no need to purchase lists or guess about the reasons they would be seeking our services.

Even though we have established a relationship with these contacts, do not hesitate to take every opportunity to inform further, educate about new discoveries, and seek input. The better we know our customers, the more likely they will call us when they need help — and share their positive experiences with others.

Brand Ambassadors

This last point cannot be overstated. The more valued our current client list feels by our company and our employees, the more excited and positive each customer will be when they are asked by others who they recommend for the services and products we provide. A genuine enthusiasm for our business is what we should strive to build with each customer.

When you are doing strategic planning for your content marketing, consider how important retaining current customers can be for your future. We grow best as a company when we know who our customers are and when we listen carefully to their needs and desires.